Need a fun way to get the kids involved in the holidays? How about having them create some fun ornaments using Hygloss Wood Popstixs, Foil Paper and Sequins. Let their imaginations soar. For our first set of popstix ornaments we created Mermaids followed by Unicorns and Christmas Elves.

Today I’m going to share the Mermaid Ornaments I created with the kids. Let’s scroll down and make some now. ….



Step One

Paint 1/2 the popstixs using craft paint, let dry. We chose to paint ours with aqua craft paint. Mermaid OrnamentsStep Two

Cut a dome shape from aqua foil paper. Cut points into the ends using craft scissors. Glue to the end of the painted popstix. Always supervise when young children are handing craft scissors.

Step Three

Use the cut scraps from the foil paper to form the mermaids bodice or cut a thin strip of foil paper. Glue in place where desired.

Mermaid OrnamentsStep Four

Cut a larger dome shape from your choice of paper brights. Then cut strips into the ends, glue to back of the popstix with craft glue.

Step Five

Add sequins to the mermaid fins. Then draw in the mermaid faces with gel pens.

Mermaid OrnamentsStep Six

Add bakery twine or cording to the top back of the mermaid with craft glue, let dry.

mermaid-ornamentNow your ornaments are ready to hang on the tree or fridge. Make sure both your children and you sign the back of the ornaments with your name and date. These will become treasured heirlooms as you get older.

The key is having fun and letting your imagination soar. See you soon with more fun and creative ideas.


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