Winter Craft for Kids – Mitten Lacing Craft

Winter Craft for Kids – Mitten Lacing Craft

Winter Craft for Kids | Mitten Lacing CraftWhile the weather outside is frightful, inside my classroom it’s delightful: we’re learning, playing games, and doing winter crafts for kids. But I also want to develop my students’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while we’re at it. So this week we’re making a lacing craft that combines the winter theme with the development of skills the kids need to strengthen as the school year progresses.

We start with a piece of craft foam in the colors of the child’s choice. I made mitten templates out of card stock so each child could trace and cut out his or her own pair of foam mittens. But it would be cute, if you have the time, to trace each child’s hand onto the foam to make the mittens more personal. (Just make sure to draw a large outline of the hands so the mitten shapes will be big enough to work with.) Then, using a hole punch, we punched holes around the edges of each mitten.

Now this winter craft for kids becomes a game. Children love lacing crafts, and they don’t even realize that while they’re busy weaving yarn or ribbon in and out of the holes to “sew” the two mittens together, they are simultaneously honing the fine motor skills they will need before too long to hold a pencil, button a shirt or tie their shoes.

I did this exact same project when I was in college, except we did it with fleece, needles and thread. After sewing the mittens (leaving the bottom open, of course), we turned them inside-out for a professional-looking finish. A group of us spent an entire afternoon sitting on the floor of the student union. At the end of the day, we piled our winter crafts into a box and donated the entire lot of mittens to the homeless.

This lacing craft is a fun winter craft for kids and an easy way to hone fine motor skills in little ones. But it’s also excellent opportunity to teach older kids about social responsibility and giving back to the community. When I go home today I’m going to make foam “mittens” with my younger kids and real ones with my big girl, Marni, who’s only 6 but is old enough to learn beginning sewing. I think we’ll each make two pairs of mittens: one for ourselves and one to donate. It’s never too early to teach kids about generosity and doing unto others.

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Stay warm!


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Ages 4+
Level 1
30 min
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