Unique Spring Wreath Easter Crafts

Unique Spring Wreath Easter Crafts

As it gets closer to Easter, you’ll be doing lots of crafts for kids that are centered around eggs. But what to do with all those egg cartons? I hate the thought of filling up our landfills with materials that could easily be re-used to make fun crafts for kids – my own children as well as my students. So start saving those egg cartons because in today’s Easter crafts blog we’ll make a wreath that is surprisingly simple yet unique for your classroom or front door! These also make great spring crafts for anytime before or after Easter.

Each child will need the cups from the cartons of one to two dozen eggs. Cut each egg cup into a flower shape, as pictured. Paint the “flowers” in pastel colors. Once dry, decorate the flowers by layering coordinating colored circles of fabric and buttons or painted wood shapes in the center of each one.

When all your flowers are ready, make a wreath by gluing them to a circle of poster board or the outer ring of a paper plate (after cutting out the center). Make sure to use poster board or plates that are pastel colors, or paint them to match your flowers.

These spring crafts look lovely on a front door or a child’s bedroom door and will also brighten up any classroom. Tune in to next week’s Easter crafts blog for more simple, exciting and fun Easter crafts for kids.

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