Unicorn Magnets

Unicorns always put a smile on our face. Here are some we made as a magnet. But these magical unicorns could also become a bookmark, ornament or fashion pin. All you need are some Hygloss Foam Sheets, Hygloss Magnets, Paint and Glue! Let’s get started….


Step One

Trace a unicorn head onto a piece of foam sheet. Cut out. ( You can use our template as a guide)

Step Two

Cut elements from a second sheet of foam. The hair/main, ears, horn.

Step Three

Glue the cut elements to the base unicorn head. Let dry.

Step Four

Add final details to the unicorn such as the eyes, nose, mouth and horn using paint or paint pens. 

Step Five

Add magnet to back of the unicorn.

How magical was this project? Too much fun! You could also try using Hygloss Felt in place of the Hygloss Foam Sheets. Try adding some Hygloss Sequins or Hygloss Glitter, for more fun.

Did you know we also have Magnetic Sheets. These are great for large magnet projects and photos.

Stay tuned for more creative ideas from Hygloss! Happy Weekend!


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Ages 5+
Level 3
30 min
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