Trick-or-Treat! Halloween Craft for Kids

Costumes, Creepy-Crawlies and Candy. The three “C”s of Halloween. My kids love dressing up and they love being scared, but if you ask them, October 31st is all about the candy. I remember when I was young, holding tight to my parents’ hands and scrambling from door to door, ringing doorbells, shouting “Trick or treat!” at the top of my lungs, and waiting for enthusiastic reactions to my costume. Oh, and the candy. Of course, the candy. And when my siblings and I got home, dumping out our pillowcases onto the dining room table and comparing our loot. That was the best part of all!

We’ve already bought the treats we’re going to be giving out next Monday night and I was looking for a Halloween activity to keep my kids busy over the weekend. I decided, why not add a little pizazz to the candies and make a fun Halloween craft for kids at the same time?

With just a few craft materials, my kids easily made boring old lollipops into scary vampires to hand out to trick-or-treaters. They started by wrapping colored cellophane around each pop. After adding a black felt cape, they used twist-ties or ribbons to attach both the cellophane and the felt layers. Finally, each vampire Halloween craft got a pair of wiggle eyes and a pair of fangs. I love the self-adhesive wiggle eyes because there’s no messy glue involved. For the fangs you can use little triangles of white paper or, if you don’t want to deal with glue, cut up stickers or white address labels.

This Halloween activity was simple and fun for all my kids to make, and they can’t wait to give them out when the trick-or-treaters come to the door on Monday night! Giving out candies may for once be almost as exciting as getting them!

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Happy Halloween!


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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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