Triangles + Circles + Squares = Transportation and Road Safety Crafts

Here’s one more shape-themed kids craft before we move on to our upcoming holiday-related projects. This is a favorite with my kids because it’s so easy and fun. They don’t even realize they’re learning! As we learn shapes, we use them to build all kinds of vehicles. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to talk about road safety. For this project, I like to  use a background of black paper, which looks like a street. The kids can easily stick shapes onto the page with Stick-A-Licks gummed paper. They’re like a cross between stickers and stamps; Kids love licking and sticking them. You can get them in packages of individual shapes, or econo packs of assorted shapes. Manipulating the shapes is great for your students’ fine motor skills, and sticking them in place hones their hand-eye coordination.

Teach your students to find shapes in everyday objects. Cars (and trucks) have round wheels, so use circles for those. A truck has a rectangular trailer and a square cab. You can make orange traffic cones out of triangles, and even put an oval blimp in the sky. Kids who want to include airplanes (cut out of with gummed paper so kids can stick them right on) can use small squares for windows. Sticking these little pieces in place is perfect for practicing hand-eye coordination and sharpening fine motor skills. The example below was made with geometric shaped stickers. If you’re doing a unit on traffic and road safety, you can also teach about the different signs children might see on the road.  A red octagon for a stop sign, a red and white triangle for a yield sign, and red, yellow and green circles for a traffic light. Older kids will enjoy making the train pictured below, which is a slightly more complicated challenge.

Another way to do this project, which is a little more work for the teacher or parent but more interactive and fun for the kids, is to make it into a felt board. Use a big piece of felt (blue for the sky works well), with a strip of black felt on the bottom for the street. Have shapes cut out in multiple colors so the kids can make their own vehicles and traffic signs. You can even make little felt people or use Hygloss Felt People . As the children learn shapes such as circles, triangles and squares, the are building cars, trucks and buses – vehicles that kids love to talk about and play with – and sharpening their fine motor skills too. When all the vehicles and characters are ready, the kids practice their hand-eye coordination when they move the vehicles around the felt board to tell a story. You can also use this felt board to demonstrate and act out the rules of road safety: When the light turns red, the cars stop and the felt children have to hold a grown -up’s hand and look both ways before they cross the street.

Cross safely!


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Ages 1+
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15 min
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