Top Ten Gifts for Crafters

Top Ten Gifts for Crafters

Christmas Supplies, Christmas GiftsThere are two kinds of holiday gift ideas that come to mind when I’m making my Christmas list: the kind you buy and the kind you make. Usually at this time of year I dedicate my blog to all kinds of great, fun, and personalized craft gifts that we can make for our friends, families, and teachers. But today I want to suggest the top ten gifts to give to crafters to light up their holiday season.

1. Craft Kits – These provide hours of creative fun for kids of all ages. From color-your own puzzles to build-your-own kaleidoscope to a specially-prepared holiday craft kit chock full of colorful metallic and velour paper, cellophane, glitter, ribbons, doilies, activity ideas and more, craft kits are an easy way to choose the perfect gift for the crafty kids in your life.

2. Scrapbooking supplies – Scrapbooking is a popular hobby for crafters of all ages. A basket of specialty paper, special acid-free, lingin-free stickers, ribbons and other embellishments are the perfect craft gifts for the novice or experience scrapbooker, or anyone in between.

3. Lanyard and beading supplies – Teens and tweens love making lanyards as well as all kinds of things out of beads. From keychains to jewelry, beads of different shapes and colors give older kids hour of fun projects to work on. Larger beads are great manipulatives for fine-tuning the motor skills and hand-eye coordination of younger children.

4. Play Dough: Kids love rolling, smushing, modeling and creating with play dough. A  rolling pin and some cookie cutters are the perfect accessories to complete this fun and exciting gift for the younger set. CHristmas Gifts for Crafters

5. Older kids and even crafty adults will love high-quality colored paper and a book of origami instructions tailored to their level.

6. A cute smock for a little one, a sturdy easel for a slightly older child or a drafting table for a serious artist. A portfolio for storage of completed artwork or having some masterpieces matted and framed are holiday gift ideas that show you care about your crafter’s hobby.

7. For the bookworm – Want to get your little book-lover’s creative juices flowing? How about having him make his own  bookmarks or a “do not disturb”  doorknob hanger for his room – or even write and illustrate his own  create-a-book?

8. A book of craft ideas is great for young crafters, moms, home-schoolers, teachers – pretty much anyone who loves crafts or works with kids.

9. A make-your-own calendar can be given decorated or personalized, or blank as a fun activity for kids to work on ahead of the coming New Year.Christmas Gifts for Crafters

10. A craft basket filled with all kinds of goodies – Paper, markers, paints, brushes, sequins, glitter, stickers, magnets, scissors, the sky’s the limit when putting together the perfect gift basket for crafters young or old, experienced or novice.

There you have them, folks: the top ten gifts for the crafter on your list. You are sure to find all the craft gifts you need, so start breathing a sigh of relief as you cross people off your list one by one. And click here for some homemade holiday gift ideas as well.


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