These Are a Few of My Favorite Games

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Games

My bulletin boards aren’t always thematic. It depends on my mood and the ideas that hit me over the summer. This year I told you already, I’m really excited about my creations. They really add to the classroom and I can’t wait to have fun with them. They’re interactive and already familiar to the kids.

Okay, no more suspense. The theme I thought of this year is My Favorite Games. For example, my back to school (mini) bulletin board for weekly jobs is based on one of the kids’ favorite games: Chutes and Ladders. I’ve designed a loose rendition of the game using the basic chutes and ladders and patchwork background, created from a combination of Hygloss brightly colored art board, tag, fluorescent paper, and super glossy paper. The combination of specialty papers creates an electric, vibrant effect.

Each chute and each ladder is a different color and has a movable Polaroid picture at the top and bottom of a different child: these are job partners. Written on each chute and ladder is a classroom job. I also made a spinner that children will spin once a week. Depending on which color they land, the two partners will move to that job for the next week. If children land on a color already taken, they’ll just spin again until a new color comes up. If children land on the same color as the week before, they’ll have to spin again until they get a job they haven’t had yet. I’ve never done this before so I’m trying to anticipate any kinks in my brainstorm before the first day of school activities begin. What do you think?

I’m also thinking of using a Monopoly Junior theme later in the year after we’ve learned our letters. I’m picturing a gigantic floor game around the periphery of the classroom. The “pieces” would be the children themselves and the deeds would be for different letters, both small and capital, capital being worth more. The whole board will have to be pictures and single letters, so the children can play independently. I’d love to make big dice out of sturdy art board and black stickers. I’m still in the product development stage so I’ll have to keep you posted as the year progresses. I’m sure I’ll do what I always do when a new idea is percolating. I spend lots of time looking over Hygloss products since that always jumpstarts my imagination and helps me pull it all together.

Here’s to new ideas.

Happy playing,


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