The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities – "A Bug’s Life" Kids Craft

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities – “A Bug’s Life” Kids Craft
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Now that spring is here it’s a great time to teach your class all about nature: flowers, animals and insects. A great way to get into the not-always-so-exciting topic of insects is with Eric Carle’s timeless classic, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” After reading this story you can incorporate a fun kids craft into your lesson  about the life cycle of butterflies.

For their Very Hungry Caterpillar activities, give each child a paper plate or a circle of poster board and have him divide it into four with a marker. The sections will correspond to the four phases of the life cycle of butterflies, which are also outlined in the book:

Egg (Larva)

You can label the four sections or leave them for the children to illustrate.

In section one of the kids craft, children draw (or cut out of colored paper and then paste) a green leaf. On top of the leaf they can glue a white button or bead for the egg.

In section two, they can make a caterpillar by stick green circle stickers in a row with a red one in front for the head. Let them add eyes, antennae and legs with marker. (Pompoms and  wiggle eyes work too, although you might need a stronger glue to make these stick.)

In section three kids draw a tree branch and then draw (or cut out of colored paper) a brown cocoon hanging from the branch.

In section four kids can make a butterfly by drawing it or using colored paper or tissue paper.

Kids crafts, which use visual and tactile learning styles to help get lessons through to children, are important in incorporating all kinds of learning styles into your classroom. These Very Hungry Caterpillar activities not only make the lesson of the life cycle of butterflies more fun, they also help bring “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” story to life.

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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