Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Rings and Placemats Craft

Of the many kinds of Thanksgiving crafts available, the most-loved are those that both get a person in the mood for the holiday and provide a useful purpose for your celebration at the same time. Even better are easy Turkey crafts which can keep the kids occupied (even on their own) while I cook up a storm!


These festive, modern turkey placemats double by serving as great placecards for your guests, as well as brightening your table with the most iconic symbol of the day. The turkey napkin ring holders add an adorable three dimensional flair to your meal, and children will love folding napkins into fans to complete the look.

As for me, I love that my table is going to look festive and colorful and my children can have a part in making the experience so welcoming for our guests.

Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Holder
 Supplies Box

For the Placemats:

For the Turkey Napkin Rings / Decorations:

For Both:

  • Glue or Double-sided Tape

Placemat Instructions

  1. Lay out placemats in the colors you choose (we used orange, red and goldenrod).
  2. Place turkey shapes in the colors and pattern of your choosing and affix to placemat.
  3. Using a marker, write the name of each person attending the meal in the center turkey.
  4. Repeat as needed for every place setting.
  5. Optional: you can laminate placemats for repeated use.


Turkey Napkin Rings / Decorations Instructions

Using the turkey napkin holder template provided, cut out the following pieces:

  1. Template A – Napkin ring – Use brown felt
  2. Template B – Turkey’s Body – Use dark-colored stiff fabric
  3. Template C – Turkey’s Waddle – Use red felt
  4. Template D – Turkey’s Beak – Use orange felt.


Repeat steps above for amount of placeholders needed. Template provided is for 2 place settings. For easy cutting, use a straight pin or tape to hold template in place while cutting.


  1. Affix two wiggle eyes to the top half of your template “B” Turkey’s Body.
  2. Glue or tape beak (D) to waddle (C) and then waddle to brown fabric (B), just below the eyes. You now have completed the body of the turkey.
  3. Adhere the Turkey to the center of the napkin ring (A).
  4. Take a paper napkin or tissue paper and unfold it. Layer it with another of a contrasting color. Make accordion folds back and forth about 1” wide.
  5. Form ring with (A) around napkin, and overlap ends enough to affix a hook and loop coin to join the ends of the felt together. You can always adjust it to fit another sized napkin.
  6. Pull up ends of napkin and fluff to achieve desired fullness.
  7. Decorate your holiday table and enjoy your meal!



Ages: 5+


Skills: Fine Motor (cutting, gluing/taping), handwriting practice, measuring, matching colors and creating patterns.

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Ages 5+
Level 1
30 min
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