Teamwork Pennant Craft

Teamwork Pennant CraftNow that school is back in session, kids have graduated into a new grade with a new teacher. As they make friends, play sports, join clubs, school band and afterschool activities, this is a perfect time to introduce the concept of teamwork to your class. Defined as helping students work together to achieve a common goal, teamwork is crucial to introduce at a young age. It teaches the importance of group collaboration – a necessary part of a successful classroom learning, which also applies throughout life: at school, work and home.


To explain the concept of teamwork to your class, you can point out which sports teams are local to your region in either baseball, basketball, football or hockey. Since baseball season is almost over, you can explain how a baseball team plays for an entire season and if the “team” does well and wins a certain amount of games, they go on to compete in the World Series championship. Without a common collaboration and goal in mind, these teams would not be able to work together to win the grand prize.


How do we know visually that a team is a cohesive unit? By their uniforms, team colors, logos, mascots and pennants. A pennant is a triangle-shaped flag which is used to identify with an athletic team. While still used mostly as a sign of athletic support, it is also a colorful way to identify businesses or brands. Just as a player on a sports team contributes to scoring points on the team’s behalf, or a musician in band plays a particular instrument to produce a sound which is important in the entire song, so too students are an important part of their class “team.” They are also individuals, whose academic skills and creativity pave the way for the success of the whole class. Just like each sport has rules of the game that allow it to be played well, there are also rules in school. Following rules ensures that everyone has a chance to succeed. Students will each create their own pennants using their individual creativity, but the pennants will be hung together in class as a team collaboration!


Hygloss bright colored Pennants are the perfect resource to teach this valuable lesson. The teacher will pass out two pennants to each student. Each child will then get ready to decorate the pennant with their name, favorite colors and objects such as stars, flowers, hearts and the like. Discuss with children what is meaningful to them, and what can go onto their personal “flag.” With so many bright colors, kids can assert their individual style, while aware of the intention to display the pennants altogether as a class. With glossy and metallic paper to add some pizzazz and stickers for more creative and personalized fun, these easy-to-make pennants will be a hit at any age.


Once the pennants are hung, the class can talk about what is on each pennant and what makes each student special and different, while keeping with the team theme of the activity. Send us pictures of what your “team” creates in this comprehensive getting-to-know-you activity and craft! Just post your photo and comments on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see what you create!


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  1. Teachers will pass out 2 pennants to each student.
  2. After each student gets two pennants, cut one pennant along its three edges to be approximately 1” smaller than the other pennant all-around. Center it and then glue or tape it invisibly to the larger pennant.
  3. Students can cut out the letters to their names out of two colors of paper. They then can cut one of them smaller (by .2”) and affix it to the larger one.
  4. Space out and adhere the letters to the inner / smaller pennant.
  5. Decorate with stickers around the name.
  6. The teacher can then hang each pennant together from a string, ribbon or rope to create a banner / bunting and hang it in the class.
  7. Each member of the “team” can admire their contribution to the wonderful project!


Skills: Fine Motor (cutting, taping), esteem-building, color-coordination, name spelling

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Ages 6+
Level 2
1 hrs
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