St Patricks Day Rainbow Craft for Kids

St Patricks Day crafts are starting to spring up (spring – get it?) in my classroom now that March is beginning. A rainbow craft for kids is always a popular one, as everybody loves the bright colors. This kids paper plate craft makes a great decorative mobile or windsock to hang up outside and wave in the breeze.

Making kids paper plate crafts are a cheap and easy option for a project to do in the classroom or at home. The paper plate  is the base for this St Patricks Day craft – all you have to do is cut out the center of the plate to make a ring. Now glue or tie colorful streamers, strips of  tissue paper, or  ribbons  so that they hang from half of the ring. When your class is making a rainbow craft for kids, it’s the perfect opportunity to teach about colors, light, ROY G. BIV (that’s how we remember the order of the colors of the spectrum – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet), and even do experiments with prisms.

Once this rainbow craft for kids is suitably decorated and ready to be hung, attach a piece of ribbon to the top of the kids paper plate craft ring. Hang it in the classroom, near a window, or outside the front door as a fun and colorful welcome to spring.

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Ages 6+
Level 1
30 min
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