St. Patrick’s Day Hat Craft for Kids


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St. Patrick’s Day Hat Craft for Kids

When looking for a St. Patrick’s Day kids craft to do with my kids, one of the first ideas that comes to mind is a St. Patrick’s Day hat. All you need for this project is some green craft foam. It sticks best with hot glue, but craft glue works too.

Cut a strip of green craft foam that will fit around your child’s head. Glue one end of the foam to the other. For the rim of the St. Patrick’s Day hat, cut out a ring of green craft foam. It should be about 10 inches in diameter and the inner circle should be about seven, but this will depend on the size of your child’s head and the diameter of the hat base you’ve already made.

Fit the St. Patrick’s Day hat base inside the rim and glue in place. To decorate your St. Patrick’s Day kids craft, you can use a piece of black ribbon or black foam as a band around the hat. You can also add a gold metallic paper buckle, a four-leaf-clover, or any other decorations you like.

Your kids will love wearing their homemade St. Patrick’s Day hats!
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Ages 5+
Level 1
30 min
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