Spooky Witch Craft – Halloween Decoration

This witch craft is an adorable Halloween craft for kidsHalloween is my family’s absolute favorite holiday of the year. We love coming up with creative, unique costumes – often with a family theme – and we take advantage of every opportunities we get to make a fun Halloween craft for kids. With Halloween just a few weeks away, my family has been busy making all sorts of paper crafts and Halloween decorations. I thought this witch craft was particularly adorable.

Older kids will enjoy making the entire Halloween decoration themselves. If your children are younger, you can prepare all the elements of the paper craft for kids in advance, let them decorate it and then help them to assemble it.

Start by rolling a sheet of black paper into a cone. You might want to trim the bottom edge to even it out. Cut a black circle with a hole in the middle like a donut. Put this on the cone and glue in place to make the brim of the witch craft’s hat. Glue a strip of green colored paper just under the hat for the witch’s face. Add wiggle eyes and draw on a mouth. Glue a thinner strip of paper around the middle of the cone for the witch’s belt. Now make legs out of two strips of paper and glue on two black shoes. Glue the legs to the inside of the cone.

For a final touch to your witch craft, glue yarn, strips of colored paper, or curly hair just under the hat. Use ribbon or string to hang up your Halloween decoration. This great paper craft for kids is sure to delight them both while they’re making it and every time they see their Halloween craft hanging up in the classroom, house or yard.

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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