Solar Eclipse Cards

Whose ready for the solar eclipse today? We Solar Ready… Here’s a fun card project we did with Hygloss Foil Papers, Art Board & Sequins. Can’t wait to hand these out at our Solar Party today.

While you are waiting for the eclipse this afternoon, why not make some fun crafts or cards like these. A perfect way to add some extra magic to the day.


Step One

Fold a piece of art board in half.  Cut the folded seam. You will have 2 pieces. Then fold each of those in half to form a card. You will get 2 cards per art board sheet. 

Step Two

Cut 1 inch strips from the foil paper. Then cut slits into each strip to form fringe. When cutting don’t go all the way to the edge. Fold strips in half for faster cutting. 

Step Three

Glue the foil fringe strips to the front of each card. Start from the bottom up and layer. Cut off any excess fringe.

Step Four

Spell eclipse onto each card using letter board letters or stickers. Add sequins and glue into place.

Personalize each card with a fun saying such as: “Keep calm and wait for the eclipse” or “Solar Eclipse 2017”! So many fun ways to make the most of today’s event.

P.S. Don’t forget your solar eclipse glasses for safe viewing. Visit the NASA site for details on the eclipse today!


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Ages 5+
Level 2
30 min
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