Snazzy Big Cut-Outs Sea Turtle Craft

Bring bulletin boards and aquarium scenes to a new level of colorful fun as you swim into warmer weather with this adorable friend! Endangered sea turtles are known for their long lives (80-100 years or more!). They also help to protect our fish supply by grazing on the sea grass deep on the ocean floor, making it habitable for the fish. This super cool sea turtle combines textures both realistic and fantastic to create a darling creature. Learn about sea life, swimming and shapes as you layer materials for this sweet collage.



Tool Box:

– Big Cut-Outs Sea Turtle

– Alligator Tissue Paper

– Glue or double sided tape

– Scissors

– Felt in Brown, Green and Yellow

Wiggle Eye (20mm Black)


  1. Using the Sea Turtle shape as a guide, cut out tissue paper to fit on top of him as his scaly skin. Glue or tape it down.
  2. Cut a circle from brown felt for the turtle’s shell, using the shape to help you. Glue or tape it down.
  3. Cut out 12 small strips of brown felt for detail on the turtle’s fins and affix.
  4. Stick a self-adhesive Wiggle Eye over the turtle’s eyehole.
  5. Cut out 13 hexagons from dark green felt and lay out in a honeycomb pattern on his shell. Glue or tape them down.
  6. Cut out 13 slightly smaller hexagons from lighter green felt and affix on top of the dark green ones.
  7. Cut out a hat for the turtle’s head and decorate it before gluing it down.
  8. Enjoy your new turtle friend!

Age: Perfect for and adaptable to any Early Childhood Classroom (age 3 to 3rd grade).

Skills: Fine Motor Skills (cutting, gluing), Shape Sorting, Science Vocabulary

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Ages 8+
Level 1
30 min
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