Simple Tissue Paper Heart – Valentines Craft for All Ages

Simple Tissue Paper Heart – Valentines Craft for All Ages

Here’s a kids craft that can be adapted for any holiday or occasion. When working on Valentines crafts, of course, kids will make them in a heart shape, with reds, pinks and whites. These make great Valentines decorations for bulletin boards, windows, refrigerators or doors. And if your students write (or dictate for you to write) messages on the back, they can also be used as homemade Valentines cards.

Give each student a piece of poster board or tag in the shape of a heart, a pot of glue and a pile of tissue paper squares. If you have the time and patience, pick out the red, white and pink squares for them. Otherwise, make separating the colors into an activity for them prior to doing this Valentines craft. Now kids will roll the tissue paper squares into little balls and stick them onto the hearts until the shapes are completely filled. I heartily (no pun intended) love these sticky board shapes – no tracing or cutting for me, and kids just peel off the paper and stick tissue paper balls right to them, without the need for messy glue!

Older kids can make patterns within their heart shapes. For example, a row pink around the border of the heart, then a row of red, then a row of white, and repeat until they reach the center. Or red, white, pink, red, white, pink all the way around. Let younger ones just fill the heart any way they please. It always comes out beautiful, no matter how they do it.

Finally, stick a couple of magnet strips on the back of the heart so it can be hung on the fridge. These kids crafts are fun for kids of all ages and make beautiful Valentines decorations or unique homemade Valentines.

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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