Simple Easter Basket Paper Bag Craft

Simple Easter Basket Paper Bag Craft

In today’s Easter crafts blog we’ll be making our very own Easter baskets out of plain old paper bags. These simple, fun Easter crafts for kids will get your children in the mood for the holiday and will brighten up your classroom or home with their bright spring colors.

First you’ll need a flat-bottomed paper bag for each child. Cut off the top half and cut this into strips. Cut four to six horizontal stripes in the bottom half of the bag. (The easiest way to do this is to use a craft knife and cut through both sides at once.)

Children will now weave the paper strips through the slits in the bag to give the paper bag craft a “basket weave” effect. They can use strips from their own paper bag for a monotone effect or trade with their friends for a more colorful basket. Students can decorate their Easter baskets with flower stickers, sequins, and more. They can also roll up strips of paper and make little roses to glue onto this paper bag craft. Weaving and rolling are great for fine-motor skills development in younger children. When they’re finished decorating, have each student glue a strip of paper to the top of the basket to create a handle.

Check out my Easter crafts blog post from last month to learn how to make Easter bunny masks with your kids. Dressed as bunnies and holding this week’s Easter crafts for kids, they’ll be ready to hop right into Easter, complete with homemade Easter baskets!


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