Silhouette Light Box

Today we are sharing a DIY Silhouette Light Box Craft using Hygloss Silhouette Paper and Vellum Papers. With just a few supplies you can create a fun light box to display in your house, studio, or classroom.

Lets scroll down to get started.



  1. Find silhouette clip art image of choice, print out. I used one from a vintage silhouette book. See photo
  2. Trace cut silhouette image onto silhouette paper, then cut out.
  3. Line back of cut silhouette paper with vellum paper, glue in place with glue stick.
  4. Line a cardboard box or paper mache box to fit, add battery tea light candle inside, turn the switch on. Instant silhouette light box.


  • Measure the front of your cardboard box, paper mache box or wood craft box. Then cut silhouette to fit the front opening.
  • Make all sizes and shapes
  • Turn your silhouettes into banners.
  • Create small framed ornaments.
  • Make a homemade silhouette of the whole family.

So many possibilities with this project. Stay tuned for more creative and educational projects from Hygloss Products. Visit our Instagram and Facebook Pages.

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Ages 8+
Level 2
1 hrs
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