Sequin Bouquet Mother’s Day Craft

Sequin Bouquet Mother’s Day Craft

I’ll bet you make tissue paper flower bouquets with your class every year for Mother’s Day, don’t you? This year why not have your students make a different kind of Mothers Day craft? One Mothers Day gift idea I like to make with my class is this floral picture frame. But I have to admit that in all my years of teaching (and of being a mom), I have never seen a bouquet like the one below, which my daughter Marni brought home from school last year, and which still graces my windowsill.

First have kids fill small paper cups with modeling dough. (Plaster works well too. Pour it into cups in advance and give the cups to children when it’s almost dry.) Now give your students each about a dozen pieces of floral wire. On the end of each wire, kids should attach a button, a bead, a sequin, or any other pretty little bobble that has a hole in it. Getting the wire into the hole and then twisting it in place is great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well!

When the “flowers” are ready, tie them together with another piece of floral wire or with a green pipe cleaner. Have children poke the “stems” into their “planters” and arrange the “flowers” just so for this special Mothers Day craft. Finally, kids can tie a pretty ribbon around their “planters” for a finishing touch on their Mothers Day gift. Their moms will be delighted with these unique Mothers Day gift ideas, and kids will be proud that they made these beautiful bouquets all by themselves.

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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