Seahorse Drink Coasters

What are your travel plans this summer? Headed to the beach? I enjoy taking a drive to the Jersey Shore with the family. Collecting shells and making fun crafts like these coasters made with Hygloss Popstixs, paint and glue. This project has so many possibilities, lets stroll down to make some now. 


  • Pop Stixs, Hygloss Products
  • Seahorse Stencil or Printed Pattern
  • Craft Paints
  • Craft Glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Tool; Paint Brush, Pencil, Craft Mat
  • Optional; Sharpie, Gel Pen

Step One

Place two pop stixs onto craft mat or disposable craft paper. Apply a line of craft glue to each pop stix. Then begin layering pop stixs over these two until covered to form a square coaster. See Pictures

Step Two

Once dry draw a pattern onto the top of the coaster using a stencil or printed pattern. 

Step Three

Paint in your drawn image with craft paints. Add a beach name to your coaster using a pencil and paint or use sharpies and gel pens. 

Step Four

Once paint dries, add a layer of mod podge to the top of your coaster for added protection. 

Now your pop stix coasters are ready to use. Try drawing other beach images or travel icons onto your coasters to remember your various summer adventures. These would also be fun to make as party favors, decorations or during the holidays. Think pumpkins, candy canes and bells.

Stay tuned for more fun ideas from Hygloss!


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Ages 4+
Level 1
15 min
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