Queen-For-A-Day Mother’s Day Throne Craft

On Mother’s Day, Mom is Queen.

Last year, my kids had the cutest Mother’s Day craft idea. They decided to make me a throne. This handmade Mother’s Day gift was adorable and it made me feel so loved. They insisted I eat all my meals while sitting on my “throne” and even topped my head with a  paper crown    and added a scepter to the ensemble.

The craft started with an extra-large pillowcase, although you could also use two pieces of fabric sewn (or glued) together on three sides. My kids wrote “Mom” in the center of the pillowcase and surrounded it with hearts. Your kids can use their imaginations to make this Mother’s Day craft idea their own. (Make sure they put a t-shirt board or a piece of cardboard inside the pillowcase before they begin, so the glue doesn’t go through both sides and end up sticking the whole thing together!) They can write your initials on it, sign their names, or draw pictures of everyone in the family. They can use fabric markers or glue on  sequins,  buttons    and other gems with fabric glue. Ribbons    and bows add to the effect of this handmade Mother’s Day gift, too.

When they’re all done decorating and the slipcover has dried, it can be slipped over the back of a kitchen or dining room chair to surprise Mom before breakfast in the morning. This is a great Mother’s Day craft idea for grandmothers and aunts as well – you can always fold it up and pop it in an envelope so Grandma can be Queen for a Day too, even if she lives across the country.

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Ages 5+
Level 1
30 min
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