Presidents Day Craft – Mobiles

Looking for a Presidents Day activity to do with my class, I came across some cute ideas on Pinterest and decided to combine them.

This Presidents Day craft combines the American flag and silhouettes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and is a great way to show off knowledge your students have learned about the two.

Leading up to Presidents Day, I teach my class the basics about what a president does, who our president is today and why we need a president. We also did a little bit of a refresher about the concept of elections, since they were only a few months ago and Obama’s inauguration was just last month. We then learned about Washington and Lincoln and what they did for the country – that Washington was the very first president and that Lincoln freed the slaves, for example.

Then we started to make out Presidents Day crafts – our mobiles. We started by making American flags. On a sheet of white card stock, the kids glued stripes of red  colored paper  and a square of blue paper. They painted stars onto the square and that was the background for the main part of their mobile. I had already prepared silhouettes of Washington and Lincoln on  black paper, and I taught the kids a little bit about silhouettes and how we can recognize people by their distinguishing features, such as Washington’s wig and Lincoln’s beard and hat. Each child glued a president’s silhouette onto his or her flag.

For the next part of our Presidents Day activity, we wrote each of the facts we had learned about the two presidents on a note card and mixed the note cards all up. Then I read out the facts one at a time and the kids told me which president each fact was referring to. Each child selected a few note cards with a few facts to hang from his or her mobile. The facts included “He was known as Honest Abe” and “He was a general in the army.”

Finally, the kids hung a  ribbon    starting a few inches above the flag and continuing about a foot and a half down below the flag. The top of the ribbon is for hanging the mobile and along the rest of it they attached the notecards with the facts about the president. Some of the children decided to make two mobiles and attach them back-to-back so that one side could be dedicated to each president. The mobiles are now hanging all around our classroom and the children are having fun showing off all the interesting tidbits they’ve learned about our presidents!


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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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