Preschool Christmas Craft Ideas – Mini Trees for the Classroom

My preschool is already well into the throes of preparing our classroom Christmas decorations.  Preschool Christmas craft ideas abound, but what I like about this particular classroom Christmas decoration is that it gets all the kids to work together.

We started with a corrugated cardboard Christmas tree, which is the perfect size for preschoolers to decorate. I divided my class into groups and gave each group a panel of the cardboard Christmas tree, and each group got to decide how they wanted to decorate their panel. Some children painted their panels green while others decoupaged green squares of tissue paper onto theirs.

Once all the panels were covered in green, the groups covered their classroom Christmas decorations with all kinds of accessories – tinsel, sequins, colorful buttons and cardstock ornaments (each child can decorate one).

I am blessed with a small class but if you need preschool Christmas craft ideas for a larger group, you can have your students make several cardboard Christmas trees to place around the room. For a finishing touch, top each tree with a metallic star or kids make their own tree-toppers.

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Ages 3+
Level 1
15 min
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