Pop-Up "Hugging" Valentine’s Card

Pop-Up “Hugging” Valentine’s Card

“Can we start making Valentines yet? Can we?”
My kids are driving me nuts and I can’t hold off any longer by pushing other Valentines crafts on them.
Here’s a cute handmade Valentine that’s a little more than just your standard doilies and red paper.

Start with a piece of red paper (OK, they can choose another color if they want to, but red is traditional). Have kids fold it in half width-wise and put the fold at the top. Then they cut out a heart as big as they can make it. You can teach them how, if they fold it in half again, they can draw and then cut half a heart, and open it up to have a perfectly symmetrical heart. Make sure they don’t make any cuts at the top of the page where the fold is.

Now kids make a face on the front of their heart-shaped card. They can use any craft items they like, from wiggle eyes to glitter. Now for the inside of the Valentine’s kids craft. This heart is going to have hands that pop out to “hug” the recipient. Each child will need four strips of paper 11″ long (the length of one sheet of paper) by 1″ wide. Start with two strips, overlapped at one end, at a 90-degree angle to eat other (making an “L” shape). Have kids the bottom strip over the top, then the one that’s now at the bottom over the one that’s now at the top, over and over again until they get to the end, and then repeat with the other two strips. You will have to demonstrate this folding technique, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly they catch on.

Now trace each child’s hands onto a piece of paper – or pair up the kids and have them trace each other’s hands. Have them cut out the hands and glue each one to the end of one of their zip-zag paper strips. The other ends of the strips get glued inside their homemade Valentine card. Your students will be delighted to see that when they open up the heart, the hands pop out as if to extend a hug to the card’s recipient.

Finally, have each child dictate a message to a friend or loved one inside their homemade Valentines. Write the message for them and help them sign their names.

Kids love making Valentines crafts, but this kids craft is special because it incorporates their own little hands, it “does” something (gives a “hug”), and – shh, don’t tell! – it helps develop their fine motor skills as they work on folding those strips of paper!

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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