Pilgrim and Indian Puppets – Thanksgiving Craft & Activity

Pilgrim and Indian Puppets – Thanksgiving Craft & Activity

This year, my children had the great idea to make Thanksgiving craft puppets. They’ll make them after school on Wednesday while I’m Pilgrim Craft | Thanksgiving Craft | Indian Craftcooking, and give the puppets plenty of time to dry overnight. Then while they’re waiting for dinner to be served on Thursday (or maybe even during dinner, if they’re having trouble sitting still), the kids can entertain themselves (and our guests) with the perfect  Thanksgiving activity – a Thanksgiving play!

For this Thanksgiving craft, you can use paper bags for the bodies of your Pilgrim and Indian crafts or you can use pre-cut felt people shapes. Dress your puppets in the correct clothing – fringed garments and headdresses for the Indians, simple clothing, buckled hats and bonnets for the pilgrims. You can give your characters hair and wiggle eyes if you like, and add real colored feather for the Indians. You can even make the Pilgrims’ buckles sparkle with gold glitter. One easy way to make your Pilgrim and Indian puppets is with a People Kit, which comes with everything from the people shapes to hair, eyes, buttons, and velour paper for making clothing.

My kids plan to make their Pilgrim and Indian craft puppets out of felt. This way they have two options for performing their Thanksgiving activity play: They can hold the puppets up on craft sticks or, without the craft sticks, they can move their characters along on a felt board decorated with whatever background scenery they choose to create – a forest, teepees, or a table laid out with Thanksgiving fare.

There are all kinds of Pilgrim and Indian crafts for kids to make at this time of year to help them learn about the history of Thanksgiving. Sometimes my kids like to make costumes and perform a Story of Thanksgiving play as their Thanksgiving activity. Whatever you choose to do with your kids, make sure you treasure the time you spend with them and tell them how thankful you are to have them in your life!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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Ages 5+
Level 1
30 min
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