Personalized Picture Frames make the Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gift

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Personalized Picture Frames make the Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gift

With only three days left till Christmas, we’re all scrambling to come up with handmade Christmas gifts that are heartfelt, thoughtful, and don’t look like they were slapped together at the last minute. Picture frames make great homemade gifts for anyone from teachers to parents and grandparents to friends of all ages. A personalized picture frame is even more special, especially if you put a treasured photo inside before wrapping it. Try to keep in mind the individual recipient’s tastes and hobbies when you make a picture frame in this Christmas craft.

Gold paper frames are instantly festive, even before you add a single decorating touch. I like to buy a variety pack with an assortment of sturdy tag picture frames in different colors and sizes. But my favorite picture frame crafts might be the collage sticky frames – just peel off the paper and all your embellishments will stick right to the frame. No glue required, which means no mess when you make a picture frame!

Picture frames can be decorated with the name of the recipient or a seasonal message (“Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” or “I Love You!”) in holiday colors or in the recipient’s favorite colors. Anything from tissue paper scraps to glitter, beads, and painted wood shapes can be used to decorate this Christmas craft. If you know your recipient love cats, or bowling, or anything else specific and unique, you can tailor the frame to his preferences to make it extra special. If you prefer a more traditional holiday theme, let kids make little Santas, Rudolphs, Christmas trees or candy canes to stick on their picture frame gifts. You’ll be amazed at the selection of Christmas-themed sequins in Hygloss’ sequin assortments: snowflakes, snowmen, Santas, Christmas trees, doves and even sequins that spell out “Merry Christmas!” All of these make a quick and easy way to embellish your beautiful homemade gifts.

For an added touch, why not stick a strip of adhesive magnet on the back of your finished picture frame? Then your parent, teacher or friend can hang it on the fridge or any other metallic surface.  And never make a picture frame without including a treasured photo of you and your loved one!

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