Overflowing Blessings – Aromatic Cornucopia Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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After turkeys, the most popular Thanksgiving symbol is the cornucopia. This “horn of plenty” reminds us to be thankful for the abundant blessings in our lives. Teach your kids to be thankful for everything they have, from the basic necessities like food, shelter and clothing to the special treats they are lucky to have, like toys and televisions, to the love from family and friends that makes the world go round. Kids can make a cornucopia Thanksgiving craft overflowing with delicious looking (and smelling) fruits, while simultaneously working on their gross motor skills and fine motor skills. What’s more, the finished kids craft will look beautiful as a Thanksgiving centerpiece adorning their tables.

For the cornucopia shape, you can use a piece of brown craft foam rolled into a cone shape and glued or stapled, or you can use a brown paper bag. Cut the bag in half lengthwise and then cut off the bottom. Children can decorate this part of their Thanksgiving craft with markers, crayons or paints to make a lattice pattern, if desired. Then roll the bag into a cone shape and glue or staple it together. Now your students can roll, squish and mold modeling dough into the shapes of any fruits they like. They won’t even realize that they are also improving their gross motor skills while having fun making this great kids craft. You can even give them scented dough, which will awaken their senses as they work. Each color of dough smells like a different fruit! Play a guessing game where they smell the dough and try to figure out what fruit it smells like.

Rolling and squishing the dough is great for improving students’ gross motor skills and detail work helps hone their fine motor skills, so this project is great for both. Show your little ones how to roll their dough into a ball for an apple or an orange, or into an elongated shape (my kids always call it a snake, no matter what they’re making) and curve it slightly to make a banana. Little purple or green balls can be arranged to make a bunch of grapes. (The purple dough is even grape-scented!) Let them make any fruits they can think of for their Thanksgiving craft, from pears to watermelon slices to cherries. You may even want to bring in all kinds of fruits for them to sample, as it’s a great opportunity for them to get first-hand experience with new tastes and textures. If they want, they can expand their cornucopia craft to include vegetables as well. A great way to enhance this kids craft, especially if you are using unscented dough, it to use whole cloves (found with the spices in most supermarkets) as stems on the fruits. This brings in something from nature and a unique, aromatic scent to excite your kids and bring an extra something special to their Thanksgiving centerpiece.

When all the fruits are ready, microwave, bake or let them air-dry to set. Then have each child arrange his fruits however he likes inside his cornucopia kids craft. He now has a beautiful centerpiece to take home and decorate his family’s table for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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