Oh Christmas Tree – Paper Craft Project

Deck the Halls with lots of folly and fun Christmas Tree Ornaments from Hygloss Products. These super cute foil Christmas Trees are reminiscent of the crafts we made as kids. We updated a classic holiday craft with a modern twist! These easy paper Christmas trees can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Try having your kids count the embellishments as they add them to each tree. Add craft wire or bakery twine and hang on the tree. The choice is yours. Let’s get started!

This is a fun and easy kids craft that will let children use their imagination to decorate their own trees this holiday season!

Materials You Will Need to Complete:

Step One

Cut each craft cardboard roll in half with craft scissors, set aside. These will make the “trunk” for your first two tress.

Christmas Tree base – paper craft rolls

Step Two

Cut a sheet of green foil paper into 4 large squares. Roll one of the squares into a cone shape, glue in place. Cut off any excess.

Christmas Tree metallic paper foil cones 

Step Three

Insert each cut craft cardboard roll into each foil cone, glue in place with craft glue.

Step Four

Start embellishing each tree with sequins, pom poms and foil fringe. For foil fringe, cut thin strips of foil paper and cut slits into each strip.

Step Five

Apply modge podge to the cardboard roll base and add silver glitter to it. Shake off excess. Let Dry. Wah-lah!!

Kids craft Christmas trees


Make a village of small trees to decorate your home or classroom environment.
Have a peaceful holiday and Merry Christmas from Hygloss Products.

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Ages 5+
Level 2
30 min
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