New Year’s Calendar Craft and Lesson Plan

Calendar Craft for New Years DayHAPPY NEW YEAR! There is an exciting project in particular that I can’t wait to begin to start off the New Year. One of my favorite crafts to do in the classroom or at home is to make a personal calendar! It is a great way to teach children the importance of time and its progression, as well as a creative way to look forward to milestones and events that await us all.

While every culture and society has developed their own calendar of holidays, dates and even years that they count differently, the Gregorian calendar has been in wide use since 1582. Adapted from the Julian Calendar and following a solar (sun) cycle, it is the predominant international standard in use today. The names of the days of the week and the months have a history of their own, as they were appropriated from ancient Roman (months) and Norse (days) cultures. Most months have 30 days but for those that don’t, kids love learning the traditional mnemonic verse, “30 Days Hath September.” The most important lesson to teach in exploring the calendar though, is that when we all use the same calendar, we can work with and celebrate with others, since we will all know where to be and when to be there (i.e.: First Day of School, the School Play, Vacation, etc.)!

There is something special about a homemade calendar that creates a personal investment for the people using it. My students love adding their imaginative touch to each month’s collage, and finishing the project by adding in their own birthday and those of friends and family, as well as other important days during each month. By making a mini-collage on the blank space above each month’s page, children can explore themes and their own creativity while creating a memorable gift for their families to enjoy all year long!

A great way to break up the project and make it manageable is to work on one or two months per day for the first few weeks that school is back in session in January. Kids can bring in photos from home, or teachers can print them out at school from their archive of photos taken during the school year.

If you are doing this craft from home, are teaching an art class or if you have more time, you can go all out and use props and / or have your family or class pose with them (globes for April / Earth Day, mittens and hats for January / Snow, etc). Make copies of the pictures to include in each month of the calendar.

Your creativity will guide your students into making a project they will always remember!
Supplies Box

  • My Calendar in assorted colors
  • Assorted paper scraps (Paper Remnant Treasure Box)
  • 1” Themed Stickers
  • Assorted other stickers
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Double-sided Tape
  • Pens / Markers


      1. Hang up a huge wall calendar for all in the class to see.
      2. Most students can copy from it directly, writing in the names of the months, and the days 1-28,30 or 31 where applicable. For those that need extra assistance, you can help them or pre-write the dates on each day.
      3. Use stickers throughout the calendar to highlight themes for each month: January: Snow, February: Hearts, March: Bunnies, April: Globes for Earth Day or Fruits & Veggies for fresh spring produce, May: Flowers for Mother’s Day, June: Sports Balls and Bugs, July: Patriotic Stars, August: Apples to prepare for Back-to-school, September: Fall Leaves, Be Your Best, October: Pumpkins, November: Turkeys, December: Gingerbread Men.
      4. On the page opposite the grid for each month, make a collage to highlight the main theme of each month. Place a photo of each child or that month’s important event in the collage so that they can see themselves taking part in the fun activities ahead!
      5.  Add in children’s birthdays, holidays, vacations, school activities and other events. You can also add in a nice note asking families to add in more dates important to them specifically after the calendars come home.

Ages: 5+ (Old enough to write with some precision)

Skills: The history of the Calendar, Seasons and Holidays, Handwriting, Counting, Sequencing.

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Ages 5+
Level 1
15 min
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