Mother’s Day Flower Planter Box Ring Holder Craft

Show Mom your love and creativity with a gift she can use everyday. Featuring a bright blooming flower and a personalized note to Mom, this keepsake box is a special place to safely put her favorite things. This adorable perennial will bloom anywhere she wants to have a handy spot to put her rings, bracelet and watch…and smile while she thinks of her loving kids!

Mother's day ring holder craftSupplies Box

  • Hygloss Basic Wood Shapes in Rectangles – 6 pieces
  • Hygloss Green Grass Die-Cut Border
  • Hygloss Felt in Green, Pink, Brown and Yellow
  • Hygloss Round Popstix in Green
  • Hygloss Big Bead in Green
  • Double-sided tape or Glue and Scissors
  • Markers



  1. Glue together two wooden rectangles together to form the base of your planter.
  2. Cut two pieces of brown felt which cover them. Secure one and reserve the other.
  3. Affix the four remaining rectangles to the sides of the felt-covered wood.
  4. Cut small pieces of grass border to surround three sides of the box and secure. Use two layers for a fuller effect.
  5. Glue the other piece of brown felt to the bottom of the box. This will keep the grass in place and provide an even surface for the box to rest upon.
  6. On the unadorned wooden box side, write a heartfelt message to Mom in bright markers.
  7. Glue or tape down a cylindrical green Big Bead to the center of the brown felt.
  8. Glue a green round popstick inside of it.
  9. Cut freeform leaves from green felt. Punch a hole and slide them to the end of the stick.
  10. Create a flower from pink felt. Punch a very small hole in the middle so that it just fits onto the stick. The flower’s flexibility lets Mom slide her rings over it so they rest on the leaves.
  11. Cut a tiny circle from yellow felt and glue it to the top of the popstick.
  12. Give your Mom a special gift that she will always treasure!


Ages: 5+ / Skills: Fine Motor (cutting and gluing), Handwriting, Creativity, Problem Solving

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Ages 5+
Level 1
30 min
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