Mother’s Day Cards with a "Wow" Factor

Mother’s Day Cards with a “Wow” Factor

Kids love a good play on words. Now they can make a Mothers Day card that combines their love of Mom with their love of word-play. This Mothers Day craft can be as simple or as elaborate as your students want. The important part is the sentiment.

Mothers Day kids crafts are an essential part of the spring curriculum. Every kid loves to make a Mothers Day card all by himself and present it proudly to his mom. This one is a simple concept with a real “wow” factor.

Give each child a sheet of colored paper, or for a sturdier card, colored tag. Kids should fold the paper in half and then with the fold at the top, write “MOM” in big, capital block letters. (You can even make a template for them to trace.) Then have them cut out the word with scissors, leaving the letters attached together and being careful not to cut off the top near the fold.

When kids unfold their cards, they will be amazed to see the inside describes just how they feel about their moms – “WOW!” Now they can decorate their Mothers Day craft however they like – with markers, crayons, paints, sequins, glitter, or tissue paper flowers. Let them go overboard as they make a Mothers Day card that’s just perfect for their moms. Then have them write a message inside (or dictate a message for you to write).

Other fun Mothers Day kids crafts that we love to make  include this unique recipe card holder, which is sure to make Mom think of her little one whenever she’s cooking dinner.

Enjoy making your Mothers Day crafts and have a very happy Mothers Day!


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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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