Mini Bulletin Boards – Fall Craft and Fall Leaves Lesson Plan

Pumpkin Cork BoardNow that Fall has officially arrived, we are thrilled to see the leaves changing colors and sweaters and boots being worn. Best of all, it’s time for some great fall activities. From hay rides to apple and pumpkin picking, to pumpkin carving, to Halloween and Thanksgiving, there are countless great ways to celebrate the season.


This adorable mini bulletin board craft for kids provides students with a fun and creative opportunity to list all that they want to do this autumn, using cork sheets, frames and adorable fall-themed classroom borders to make a small bulletin board of their very own!I created an easy fall lesson plan around this memorable craft. Using the apples border, we discussed the symbolism of applesRed Apple Cork Board in the fall, the joys of apple picking and harvesting produce and Johnny Appleseed. With pumpkins border, we talked about jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and making pumpkin pies. Finally, the leaves border reminded us what fun it is to make fall leaves crafts, rake leaves and jump into them, and see the beautiful fall foliage.


What a great opportunity to discuss why leaves change color in the fall, and why trees lose their leaves! Leaves contain beautiful oranges and yellows, purples and reds beneath their green exterior. The green color is courtesy of chlorophyll, a substance which aids in photosynthesis. This is the process in which the leaves use light and water to create food for the tree. During the winter, there is less light and water available, so the trees live off of the food they stored during the summertime in their trunk and roots. When the green chlorophyll fades from the leaves, the bright colors inside can be seen and appreciated!

Leaf Cork Board

The roots and branches of a tree can hold up to freezing temperatures, but the leaves just aren’t as tough. As less sunlight is available in the fall, the veins that bring nutrients into leaves gradually close to prepare for winter. A thin layer of cells, known as the separation layer, is created at the end of the leaf’s stem. When this separation layer finishes forming, the leaf detaches from its branch and falls off This is why leaves fall to the ground in autumn!


Once our mini boards and borders were affixed, we filled them with some of our favorite things to look forward to this fall. Each child was delighted to take ownership of their very own bulletin board, with their name and their favorite activities on it. They can’t wait to bring them home to their families.


Apple Cork Board

What a great piece of art to have at home, as a handy reminder to their families as to how best spend these long autumn Sundays and crisp fall afternoons. After the “to-do list” is checked off, families can put mementos from fall such as preserved leaves, photos of the children enjoying said activities and tickets from fall festivals or football games. This can also double as a great bulletin board in the kitchen for daily reminders, etc. With this, it becomes a fall craft to remember forever!

 Supplies Box

  • Self Adhesive Cork Sheets 8.5”x11”
  • Colorful Paper Frames in Large size
  • Hygloss Classroom Borders in Red Apples, Pumpkins, Red and Green Apples and Fall Leaves (each bulletin board requires 2 border strips.
  • Assorted Bright Paper in small cards and strips
  • A large piece of corrugated cardboard (i.e.: from a recycled box) cut to 11” x 14”
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Double-sided Tape
  • Crayons and / or Markers



  1. Each student will receive a cork sheet, a frame and a piece of cardboard cut to 11”x14”.
  2. Adhere the frame to the edges of the cork’s non-sticky side and then remove adhesive liner to stick the cork to the cardboard.
  3. The mini bulletin board is now ready to decorate!
  4. Trim borders to fit around edges of frame evenly and affix.
  5. Create a headline strip approximately 1” tall by 6” wide. On this, write the child’s name along with “Autumn Favorites,” “Fall to-do List,” or the like. Tape, pin or glue to the corkboard at the top.
  6. On six color-coordinated cards which are 2”x3”, list the child’s top six favorite things about fall and adhere to the bulletin board.
  7. Optional / thereafter: add preserved leaves, photos, football tickets and other fall mementos to create a memory board of the season.


Ages: 5+


Skills: Fine Motor (cutting, taping), lists, measuring, writing, science, learning about the seasons.


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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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