May Day Basket Ideas!

May Day Basket CraftSpring is filled with flowers of all kinds, but the month of May in particular holds no shortage of opportunities to celebrate the arrival of colorful blossoms. May Day is a traditional time of Spring celebration and gift giving, often in the form of goody or flower baskets which are given to friends and neighbors.

Are you looking for fresh May Day basket ideas? These May Day baskets are heralded for their unique opportunity to allow children to give gifts instead of just being takers such as when trick or treating or getting their holiday stockings filled. Traditionally the baskets were left on the doorknobs of neighbors or friends in a “ding dong ditch” style. Some were filled with candy and food or prizes but most contained flowers. What better way to celebrate the return of so many colorful flowers than with a handmade version.

Similarly, Mother’s Day is also a time of giving flowers. Whether as a sign of gratitude or just because Moms love them, flowers are always a great way to show our appreciation for our mothers. Since Mother’s Day brunch is a tradition in and of itself, and a time when children get to honor the woman who has cooked and prepared so much for them by returning the favor, presenting this basket alongside the meal gives it a sunny and creative flair.

These weaving kit flower baskets are a great resource for both practicing hand eye coordination while creating both a useable container and what to fill it with. Whether in the classroom or at home, you are sure to enjoy this hybrid craft activity.

You Will Need:

  • Weaving Kit (includes 25 sheets black 8.5”x11” cardstock and 250 bright paper weaving strips)
  • Gift Wrap Tape
  • Stapler


    • Take a piece of black cardstock and fold it in half along its shorter side, so that it becomes a long, skinny card. Draw a line in pencil along one long side .5” from the open edge.
    • From the folded edge, make between 12 and 24 equidistant cuts through both halves of the paper, all the way to the .5” line. (The more cuts, the more complicated the weaving process will be and the more intricate the design, so fewer cuts are recommended for younger crafters.) Make sure that your cuts end at the line exactly to make for easy, straight weaving.
    • Unfold your black paper and flatten it. Pick 10 colorful weaving strips with which to create your design. The first strip should be woven in and out of your black paper cut “columns” as close to the .5” outside edge as possible.
    • When the first strip is in place, you should have excess color at either end. Take the next strip and weave it immediately next to the first strip, but pull it in front and behind the opposite columns of the first strip. This will create a “basket” pattern. Continue this process with the other eight strips (alternating columns from the row immediately next to it) until the entire paper is filled.
    • Make even the colorful ends that are left over on either side of your weaving. Trim them so that they are all just 1” past the last black column on each side.
    • Tape the excess tabs down onto to the back side of the weaving. You now have a finished 8.5”x11” colorful weaving!
    • To make your weaving into a basket, fold weaving in half along its longer side, so that the folded over and taped weaving strip edges are at the top and the center of the weaving is at the bottom. Staple sides to form a pocket. To make the handles, cut additional black tag to desired length and secure at ends.
    • Using green paper strips for stems and colors such as pinks, red, orange, yellow and purple for the blossoms, create paper flowers using a freehand “quilling” technique or wrapping and twisting strips and taping them around the stems. For a very simple technique, simply cut additional weaving strips in thirds and make circles out of each. Affix three circles together to form a bud.
    • Fill the basket with flowers (and additional little goodies if desired) and give to your favorite May Day or Mother’s Day recipient. Enjoy!

Ages: 5+

Skills: Fine Motor (cutting, taping, weaving), Hand-Eye Coordination (weaving), Measuring


Enjoy these May Day Basket Ideas and Mother’s Day Craft Bouquet Ideas! Share pictures of your May Day baskets and mother’s day crafts with us.

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Ages 7+
Level 2
1 hrs
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