Make a Chanukah Menorah

Its that time of year. The time we begin our Chanukah journey. What better way to get the kids involved than a fun Chanukah craft project. This quick and easy project will get tons of applauds from the family. A DIY Chanukah Menorah, is a great way to educate your children on the story behind Chanukah and the Menorah. With a few simple supplies from Hygloss Products and you can create a table top menorah the whole family will love.

Make your own Chanukah Menorah to show your holiday joy!

Materials You Will Need to Complete:

Hygloss Foil Paper, Blue, Gold, Silver

Hygloss Glitter Box, or Rectangle Box of Choice.

Hygloss Wood Blocks

Hygloss Bucket O’ Sequins

Tools: Craft Glue, Glue Stick, Scissors, Scotch Tape


Step One

Cut 8 pieces of foil paper into 4 inch by 3 inch shapes.

Then cut 1 piece of silver foil paper into a 6 inch by 3 inch shape. Also cut several thin strips of blue foil paper to wrap around this piece. Glue in place with craft glue.

Step Two

Menorah Candles – made by you!!

Roll each piece of foil paper into a cylinder candle shape (a menorah candle). Glue in place with a glue stick or craft glue. Repeat for all the cut shapes until you have 9 cylinder candle shapes.

Step Three

Cut 9 candle flame shapes into gold foil paper. Tape to the inside top of each rolled candle cylinder.

Step Four

Wrap the Hygloss Glitter Box or Rectangle Box of choice with silver foil paper, tape in place. Cut an additional strip of silver foil paper and cover the remaining opening. Glue in place with a glue stick. (See Photos)

Step Five

Light those Menorah candles with foil flames (not real fire!)Attach each candle cylinder to a wood block using craft glue, let dry. Then glue to the top of the silver foiled box using craft glue.

Step Six

Embellish with sequin circle or add some fun Hygloss glitter!



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Ages 6+
Level 3
30 min
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