Make a Mask For Your Little Easter Bunny

Make a Mask For Your Little Easter Bunny

Welcome back to my Easter crafts blog! Today’s Easter crafts are simple, adorable and fun. Each child will make a mask and become a little Easter bunny. My kids love to hop around the house wearing these Easter bunny crafts.

All you’ll need for these easy Easter crafts are some cardstock, scissors, glue, and elastic.
First fold a piece of cardstock in half. Cut out the center holes for the eyes. (If you have a large paper punch, this is an easy way to do it.) Then cut a circle around the center hole, being sure not to cut the fold so the two circles will stay connected. Unfold it and you have the basic mask shape. Now cut out two cardstock ears and glue to the top of the mask. Punch holes on the sides and tie on a piece of elastic, and voila, the Easter bunny crafts are ready to be decorated!

Kids can color their masks, decorate them with collage materials, get silly by adding hair on top, and little girl bunnies can put a ribbon in their hair as well.

Children of all ages will love these Easter crafts in which they can make a mask and wear it. These Easter bunny crafts are sure to be a hit in your home or classroom.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Easter crafts blog! Come back next week for more fun and easy Easter crafts.


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