Liberty Crown Craft

Celebrate the spirit of Independence with this easy-to-make 4th of July Lady Liberty headpiece made from specialty paper and a die-cut crown. Great as an activity with a built-in history lesson for your summer BBQ, party or camp to prepare for a festive journey into our American heritage. With a shiny metallic Statue of Liberty crown, all of your crafters, campers, kids or guests can have fun dressing up like this iconic patriotic personality!

Independence Day

The 4th of July is a day that we remember our independence and the establishment of our country, and when it is both fun and meaningful to explore patriotic imagery and its significance to our history. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France symbolizing freedom and democracy as the USA established itself as a place to welcome refugees and immigrants from all over the world. This 305 foot high Statue, which sits in New York Harbor, has since become an icon of freedom and an integral image of American History. Instantly recognizable and royal in appearance, you can channel this key figure with this easy and fun craft for all ages!



  1. Hygloss crowns come in double wide strips, one with round, bubbly spokes and one with sharper, pointier spokes. Select a crown that has pointy spokes and size it to fit the wearer’s head. Cut off the 3 spokes that are closest to the closure so that you have three spokes remaining. The rest of the crown should be the same width as the band.
  2. Trim the remaining three front spokes into pointy spires with your scissors.
  3. Unhook the crown so that it lays flat again. Take a sheet of the light blue metallic paper and cut a piece 22” by 6”. Affix it to the front of the crown.
  4. Cut 5.5” of metallic paper off of each end except for what covers the crown’s band. You can now make 7 spokes out of the paper that remains.
  5. Using the 3 blue cardstock crown spokes as your guide, cut 3 spokes from metallic paper to match those, and 4 more between and outside of them. The center spoke should be the tallest and straightest, and as they go out to the sides, the spokes should become smaller and tilt outward more.
  6. Trim as necessary to achieve a spiky shape and graduated heights. Crease each spoke down the middle for a 3-D look.
  7. To make the windows in the crown’s band, cut a thin strip of black paper 1.5” wide by 9.5” long. Create 11 small rectangles .75” wide within the strip that are .125” apart. They should be held together by a thin (.2”) strip at the bottom. Round the top side of each rectangle so that they look a bit like monuments. Keep the middle one 1.5” tall and make the rest successively smaller so that the ones on the end are .625” tall.
  8. Affix this line of windows to the front of the band, so the tallest window is below the tallest spoke in the crown.
  9. Re-attach your crown’s band and enjoy!

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Ages: 4+ / Skills: Fine Motor (cutting, gluing), Measuring, Circles, Science, History, Vocabulary

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Ages 4+
Level 1
30 min
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