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The last week of school is a great time for students to reflect on and reminisce about everything they have learned in the past year and how they have grown since the first day of school. Why not start a tradition for the children to track all of their favorite things this year during the last week of school? This not only paints a great picture of who the child is in the moment, but years from now, when they look back on this book, they will surely be excited to see a picture of who they were this year. The Hygloss Create-A-Story Treasure Box has all you need for an entire classroom to complete this beautiful and meaningful project easily. Create topics you want the children to explore and watch their imaginations take off!


Last week of school journal craftEnd of school craft journal


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End of school year craft journal gamesEnd of school year journal craft favorite color and song End of year craft journal favorite foods and songs         Instructions

  1. Create a list of questions you want your students to answer, including what their favorite things are on a range of topics such as food, song, book, activity, class or school subject, friend, outfit and more. You can also get into more introspective topics such as: When I grow up, My favorite class in school, my favorite way to help other people, what I love most about my family, town, teacher… ☺ The possibilities are endless!
  2. Write the questions out on the board for students to copy or help them write directly at the top of each page. Leave room for students to create a collage of their answer to the question for this year.
  3. Have each student decorate a person shape as a self portrait. They can cut and affix clothing, velour paper hair and wiggle eyes. You can have the students represent their favorite outfit with the clothing they pick – a great way to remember this time in their lives.
  4. On the cover of the books, children can write the title of their books, including their name and that this is a book of their favorites. Leaving room to affix their self-portraits, use the best word formula for your classroom.
  5. On the inside pages of the books, children can create small collages by cutting and gluing or taping the paper and stick-a-licks in the kit on the pages for each answer that they give. For example: on the pages above: Favorite Food: Ice Cream. Favorite Song: The Wheels on the Bus. Favorite Game: Baseball. Favorite Friend…etc.
  6. Send these special memory book journals home with them on the last day of school as a memento of who the students are right now.

Ages: 5+ / Skills: Fine Motor (cutting and gluing), Handwriting, Critical Thinking, Creativity

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Ages 5+
Level 1
15 min
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