Homemade Valentines from the Bottom of Your…. Feet?

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Homemade Valentines from the Bottom of Your…. Feet?

What part of the body is most associated with homemade Valentines and Valentines crafts?
The feet, of course!

Well, maybe not… but they should be. After all, we to run to do things for the ones we love… okay, okay, so maybe it’s the heart. But who says it can’t be both?

This Valentine’s Day, instead of typical heart-shaped homemade Valentines, your students can make a Valentines kids’ craft with an unexpected personalized twist.
Give each child a piece of sturdy red card stock. Now tell them to take off their shoes and socks! (I hope your classroom is warm!) Trace around their feet, or, if they’re old enough, pair them up and have them trace each others’ feet. Now have them cut out the feet shapes and attach them together into a heart shape, as pictured. Little feet shapes are just the right size to be mounted onto heart-shaped doilies to become unique homemade Valentines.

Now kids can decorate their Valentines crafts with whatever materials you have on hand. Little girls love to glue glitter, a sequin or a bead onto each toenail. The ten toes are also perfect for beginning writers to write a message on: for example, “I LOVE MOMMY” has exactly ten letters, one for each toe.

Have your students dictate a message for you to write on their homemade Valentines or help them spell it out themselves.

Tracing my students’ feet is the highlight of these Valentines crafts for everyone involved. I have to admit, we all break into fits of giggles while we’re doing it, and the more ticklish ones have trouble standing still. But it’s a really fun and different way to make unique homemade Valentines, and everyone loves getting into a project with their whole bodies! What I love about this kids craft is that such a simple idea can create so many smiles and such surprising results.

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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