Homemade Valentine Holder – Paper Plate Craft

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Homemade Valentine Holder – Paper Plate Craft

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are already talking about how many homemade Valentines they’re planning to give – and get! Every child needs a mailbox or basket to collect his cherished Valentines. I’ve tried to hold off, but my Marni and Alex have already insisted on making theirs for this year, even though it’s not even February yet! We made homemade Valentine holders out of a simple paper plate craft this year, and we think they came out looking pretty great!

The kids each started their Valentine crafts with one and a half paper plates in colors of their choice (pinks and reds, of course). I only needed three plates because the kids each got half of the third one. I stacked the plates in a pile and punched holes all around the circumference. (The holes have to line up.) Then each kid laced their plate-and-a-half together (fronts of the plates facing each other so there’s a gap in the center) with a very long piece of ribbon. (Put some masking tape on the end of the ribbon to make it sturdier and easier to push through the holes.)

Have the kids start lacing at the top of the full plate, and leave a length of ribbon hanging out. Then when they get back up to the top, there will be some ribbon left over. Use these two “tails” as a hanger to hang the plates from bedroom doors or wherever you like at home, or on the front of your students’ desks at school if you have your class make homemade Valentine holders.

Now comes the decorating. There are so many ways kids can decorate their paper plate craft: heart stickers, heart sequins, heart-shaped beads, and of course, that timeless Valentine crafts favorite, glitter. Paper plates are also a great surface for sponge painting with a heart-shaped sponge. And don’t forget that Valentines crafts necessity, lace! Use a strip of lace or cut off the edges of a round paper doily to use as a border for your Valentines holders. (The 8″ doilies fit well on the 9″ paper plates.)

As the excitement leading up to Valentine’s Day builds, leave a little note or gift in your kids’ homemade Valentine holders every few days. Watch their faces light up in surprise and delight. After all, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? Letting them know how much you love them?

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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