Homemade Fathers Day Gifts – Personalized "I Love My Dad" Books

Homemade Fathers Day Gifts – Personalized “I Love My Dad” Books

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Blank books are a resource that I pull out throughout the year, both in the classroom and at home, to get my kids’ creative juices flowing. (For example, in the beginning of the school year we often make “All About Me” books.) There’s nothing quite like the prospect of writing their own book to thrill children and get their mental wheels turning. Writing their own books are kids crafts that are equally as appealing to the hands-on, tactile learner who loves to draw and paint as it is to the language-oriented learner who is more comfortable with the spoken and written word. While each can concentrate on the element with which he feels most comfortable, he can also be encouraged to step outside his comfort zone and narrate the story of what he’s drawn or illustrate the book he’s written.

Hand-written books are the perfect Fathers Day crafts because there is such a variety of ways to personalize them so that each one is tailor-made for each particular dad. One child can make his homemade Fathers Day gift book all about “Why I Love My Dad” while another can tell the story of “My Favorite Day with Dad.” Older children can even try their hands at some simple poetry. Younger kids who can’t write yet can draw pictures to illustrate their blank books and then dictate to teachers to fill in the words.

Blank books come in all different colors and sizes so children can choose the ones that will be perfect for their Fathers Day crafts. My Storybook has guided lines to help new writers write their own stories. Once they’re finished writing and illustrating their stories, kids can embellish these homemade Fathers Day gifts with stickers, glitter and more. Or you can even use the Create-a-Book activity kit, which comes with people shapes, wiggle eyes  and all the fixings to make great homemade Fathers Day gifts.

What I love about these kids crafts is not only how enthusiastic kids get about writing the perfect book for Dad, but the looks on dads’ faces when they see – and read – their special homemade Fathers Day gifts for the first time.


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