Homemade Fathers Day Gifts – Mouse Pads for Dad

Homemade Fathers Day Gifts – Mouse Pads for Dad

Father’s Day is a day for all of us – old and young – to reflect on how our fathers have shaped our lives. I wouldn’t be me without my dad – I wouldn’t be a lefty, I wouldn’t be able to take things apart and figure out how they work, and I certainly wouldn’t be as creative as I am without his genes. Celebrate how much you love your dad by spending time with him, and help your kids celebrate by helping them make Fathers Day crafts and homemade Fathers Day gifts for their dads.

In this age of hi-tech, what dad doesn’t spend time every day in front of a computer? A mouse pad is an accessory that dads will find useful and will remind them of their kids every day while they’re hard at work. Your kids can make these homemade Fathers Day gifts with some simple craft foam. Let each child choose a color of craft foam, or several colors. They can then use scissors to cut their Fathers Day crafts into whatever shape they like – a basketball, an animal, a sports car, or anything else they think their dad would like. Kids can write a special message (like “#1 Dad”) on the mouse pad with a marker or decorate the edges (make sure they leave room for the mouse to move around in the center!) with craft foam, felt, sequins, ribbon and more.

I recommend sticking a piece of contact paper or nonslip liner on the bottom of the mouse pad to keep it in place. This Fathers Day craft can be as simple or as complicated as you want, based on the age, attention span, and activity of the child. Dads will be thrilled with these useful homemade Fathers Day gifts and children will feel a sense of pride knowing they made something their dads are using every day in the office.

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