Homemade Fathers Day Gifts – #1 Dad Trophy

Homemade Fathers Day Gifts – #1 Dad Trophy

Each of us believe we have the best dad. And for the most part, each of us does. We each have the best dad for us. My dad is best for me, your dad is best for you, and my kids’ dad is best for them. Kids can let their dads know he’s number one with personalized homemade Fathers Day gifts made just for him. And what could be better than a gold trophy announcing to the world that he’s the world’s best dad?

Start with two paper or styrofoam cups. Place one upside down on the table and one right-side up on top of it. Tape the cups together with masking tape. Now paint the cups gold or cover them with gold foil paper. Also paint or cover over a styrofoam block to make a base for the trophy. When the paint or glue has dried, glue the “trophy” onto the base. To personalize your Fathers Day craft, write a message such as “#1 Dad,” “World’s Best Dad” on a piece of colored paper (black paper contrasts nicely with the gold). (If you’re using black paper you’ll need to write on it with a white or gold paint pen.) Stick this to the front of the styrofoam base. As a finishing touch, affix pipe cleaner (chenille stem) “handles” to the sides of the trophy. Kids can thread beads onto the handles before attaching them if they want to make their Fathers Day crafts even more unique.

Anyone can buy a Father’s Day present at the store. What’s special about homemade Fathers Day gifts is the time and effort kids put into making the perfect Fathers Day crafts for their dads. Dads will be beaming when they receive these special homemade trophies from their kids, and that feeling of love and pride will return every time they catch a glimpse of their trophies on display on their desks or mantles.

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