Homemade Calendar New Year’s Craft for Kids

Are your kids going stir-crazy, stuck in the house for long periods of time over winter vacation? Mine are. So we’re working on a project together as a family – we’re making a homemade calendar just in time for the new year!

We started with Hygloss’s Make-Your-Own-Calendar, but you can also find a calendar online and print it out onto colorful paper. Now have everyone in the family help fill in the dates on this fun New Year’s craft for kids. Put in birthdays, holidays, vacations, and all kinds of things you’re looking forward to. Kids can draw pictures on these calendar dates or put special stickers on them, like sports stickers for game days, seashell stickers for beach day, animal stickers for a trip to the zoo or snowflake stickers for winter break.

The back of each calendar month page is a blank empty slate for the next month. Fill it with drawings or paste in photographs of people whose birthdays fall that month or of family celebrations (an Independence Day BBQ in July, the family in front of the tree for December). When all the pages of this New Year’s craft for kids are filled in, have them write the year or a special message on the cover of their homemade calendar (we wrote “2013 with the Denhardts”) and decorate it with glitter and sequins. As a finishing touch, punch holes in your homemade calendar and lace the pages together with a colorful ribbon.

Have a joyous holiday season and click here for more great New Year & Holiday crafts for kids!


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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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