Homemade Angel Christmas Tree Topper Craft

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Homemade Angel Christmas Tree Topper Craft

Decorating the Christmas tree is something my family looks forward to every year. The best part is taking out all the ornaments and reminiscing about when and where we got them – or made them!  Christmas crafts for kids are always favorite activities, but the ones they love most are those they actually see put to good use. When five-year-old Marni takes out the handmade Christmas ornaments she made last year, the glow of pride on her face can be seen from across the street! Of course, the tree topper is the crowning glory of the Christmas tree, so it’s extra special and exciting for kids to make this, the most important of all the ornaments.

You won’t believe that to make a Christmas tree angel topper, all you need are a simple paper plate, some fancy specialty paper and some glitter. But just wait and see how elegant homemade ornaments for kids can be made with just a little help from a teacher or parent. First you’ll need to draw a simple angel outline on the back of the paper plate. (See my outline in the photo.) Older children can first cut off the rim of the plate and then carefully cut out the angel shape on the lines. This is a great exercise in both hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Younger children will need help with cutting.

Once the angel is cut out, have children trace the wing and head shape onto the back of a sheet of wrapping paper or specialty paper of their choice.  Holographic paper and silver embossed paper have a particularly dazzling effect. Children will cut out the angel shape and glue it onto the front of their paper plate angel. Now help them curve back the bottom of the angel’s “gown” so that the two points meet behind her. Staple or glue the points together in the back. Kids can now glue strips of specialty paper onto the gown. They can use the same paper pattern they used for the wings, or something with coordinating colors. If you think gluing strips around the already-formed gown might be too complicated for your students, go ahead and let them trace the entire angel onto the specialty paper and glue it right on all at once before curving the plate to form the gown.

These homemade ornaments for kids can be decorated however children like. For a simpler and more elegant look, you may want to leave it the way it is with a few small touches such as a bit of gold or silver glitter on the edges of the wings and a glitter (painted right onto the head) or pipe cleaner halo (attached from behind). Children will want a less abstract, more recognizable angel. Let them draw a face on her and even attach hair. The more they decorate their homemade angel tree topper, the more they’ll love it, even if it no longer looks the way you expected it to.

As parents and teachers, sometimes we adults want crafts, especially Christmas crafts and handmade Christmas ornaments, to look perfect. But we have to remind ourselves that what looks best to us is not what looks best to our kids, and it’s best to let them experiment, be creative, and discover their own style. So even if your daughter’s angel (like mine does) has heart and smiley face stickers all over it, a crooked smile, and wiggle eyes, she will delight in the fact that her family’s Christmas tree is topped with an angel she made herself – the most beautiful angel she’s ever seen.

Happy decorating!


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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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