Holiday Craft and Lesson Plans to Brighten Your Classroom

The holiday season is upon us again and with them, amazing opportunities for beautiful crafts and important lessons on the themes of this meaningful time of year. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to introduce my students to these special days. What could better evoke the festive nature of the holiday season than twinkling holiday lights. These little decorative beacons shine out into long, dark winter nights, making all of our lives a little brighter. When I put together the idea of the lights and the themes I wanted to discuss with my students, the easy and beautiful Holiday Lights craft was born.

The process is simple. Using Hygloss’ handy printable light template, you can easily trace the design onto any type of paper or posterboard you choose.  I love the look of these different metallic colors, which shimmer and shine in the light. You simply print and trace the template  onto your metallic paper or board, cut it out, and then add your glossy black posterboard as each light’s socket.

Our class discussed how one of the most beautiful and common sights we see this time of year are colorful, bright lights, decorating everything from houses and stores, as well as across streets and trees. I spoke about how in the wintertime, night begins earlier because of daylight savings, where we try to preserve more sunlight for summer evenings and can play outside longer with good weather.  Now in the winter, the darkness begins before dinnertime, making light all the more precious.

Benjamin Franklin and Electricity Lesson Plan Craft

For older classes, you can talk about where electricity comes from, how it is channeled through power lines from a power plant. The world was changed forever after electricity’s initial discovery by Benjamin Franklin in 1752, when he used a key and a kite in a thunderstorm to harness the electric energy. People tried for many years to channel the light in a way that could be used in our homes. More than 100 years later, Thomas Edison made it possible by perfecting the lightbulb in 1879.  All of a sudden, an entire new industry and the age of electricity was created. A few years later, a coworker of Edison’s named Edward Johnson made colorful bulbs which were made just for decorating trees and turned electricity into something truly beautiful to behold.

Kindergarten Holiday Lights Lesson Plan Craft

With my own kindergarten class, we spoke about how as the weather turns cold, we are drawn to sources of warmth and light, like our homes and fireplaces. Holiday lights bring a little bit of that cozy spirit outside, filling the air with cheer and lifting our spirits. I told the children that we all make an important contribution towards lighting up this time of year, with our own happiness, gratitude and creativity. We are all like the lights and wanted to light up our classroom by decorating our own!

We used metallic paper here which is flexible and easy to hang on a bulletin board. If you are planning to hang the lights around the classroom, metallic posterboard would be the best choice. After distributing a different colored sheet of paper to each child, they were excited to do their part to “deck the halls.” Letting them trace the pattern themselves practices good hand-eye coordination. If they cut it out, they hone their scissor skills, which will develop their fine motor skills. When all of the children were finished, we connected the black socket and shiny bulb with glue and tape. Then, with silver glitter glue, each spelled out their name on the socket. We strung the lights together by connecting them all with this wonderfully springy black elastic cord. Taping the cord to the back of each socket, we spread the lights out to our liking, and hung them around the room. Suddenly, our classroom was transformed for the holidays!

With this and any other crafts you bring to your students this season, we hope you have a happy and creative one!


Hygloss Holiday Light Template

Metallic Paper or Posterboard

Glossy Black Poster Board

Black Bead Elastic Cord

Glitter Glue in silver

Scissors and tape, glue (optional)

1. Print out template and trace onto metallic paper and board.

2. Let children cut out colored bulb (with a little extra tag to fit into the socket) and black

glossy socket.

3. Tape or glue light shape into / behind socket.

4. Each child can decorate.

5. Affix tape to backs of lights and string elastic cord through.

6. Hang and enjoy your beautiful new classroom decoration!

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Ages 5+
Level 1
15 min
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