Heart Mobile Valentine’s Decorations

Heart Mobile Valentine’s Decorations

My bulletin board is slowly filling up with heart and Valentine’s crafts as the big day draws nearer. Here are some Valentine’s decorations that don’t take up precious bulletin board space because they hang from the ceiling. These mobiles add a festive touch to any classroom or home. Everyone loves making this kids craft – just make sure you hang them high enough that little ones can’t tug them down!

Start with a bunch of hearts of the same size, cut out of colored paper. You can cut at least four hearts out of each piece of 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper. To make a sturdier mobile, use poster board or tag instead of paper. Each child will need at least nine hearts in order to make three 3D hearts for their mobile. To make my life easier, I hand out pre-cut heart shapes, and to add a little extra pizazz, each child gets three holographic hearts. Each student will need a long length of ribbon for this kids craft too.

All the hearts need to be folded in half down the middle. Now students glue three hearts together like so (follow the steps in the adjoining pictures): Heart #1 is laid flat on the table. Half of heart #2 is glued to half of heart #1. Half of heart #3 is glued to the other half of heart #1. Now the ribbon is slipped between the remaining halves of hearts #2 and #3, which are glued together.

Children can make three or more of these 3D hearts along the length of the ribbon. They can also decorate the hearts with stickers or glitter. When it’s dry, hang the Valentine’s crafts around the classroom or let your students take them home to start getting ready for the holiday by hanging their Valentine’s decorations for everyone to see.

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Ages 5+
Level 1
30 min
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