Harvest Time – Scarecrow Puppet Craft

When my kids come home from school with a project and the features on a face are in the wrong places, it makes me grin from ear to ear because I know their teacher let them make this kids craft all by themselves. She didn’t help them or “fix it” for them, and they did the best they could. Then when they get a little older and they come home with a project with the features on correctly, I smile even wider because I know their hand-eye coordination has improved and they have learned to do it all by themselves. Here is a Halloween craft that will help your kids with hand-eye coordination. This paper bag craft, a scarecrow puppet, will help you show your students that something “scary” can also be fun. Talk to them about them what a crow is, what a scarecrow is for, and what foods a crow likes to eat in a garden. The scarecrow might be scary to a crow, but it’s adorable to preschoolers, who will love making it and playing with it afterwards.

This paper bag craft requires some pre-planning on the grownup’s part. You need to have two pink circles and one orange paper triangle cut out for each child. When I don’t feel like dealing with glue cleanup after a kids craft, I use pre-gummed paper, so the kids can just peel off the backing and stick it on like a sticker. Cut out a hat for each child, and also shred lots of yellow tissue paper for “straw.” Now you are ready to start working on this Halloween craft with your students.

For this kids craft project, first have the kids decorate their scarecrows’ faces on a paper bag in their choice of color. Remember to make sure they turn the bags upside-down so that the closed part is the top of the scarecrow’s head and the open part is at the bottom where his chin and neck would be. Let the kids test their hand-eye coordination by putting the facial features in the right place, using wiggle eyes (again, I recommend the self-adhesive ones), two paper circles for cheeks, an upside-down paper triangle for a nose, and let them draw on the mouth. They can also put a hat on their scarecrow paper bag craft and stick some shredded tissue “straw” out of the hat for hair. Have the kids stuff their paper bags with whatever stuffing material you have handy: newspaper or scraps of paper or fabric from past projects. Then put glue on the top half of the craft stick, stick it halfway into the opening of the bag, and tie the bag closed with a ribbon. (You can leave some more “straw” hanging out the bottom of the bag if you want.) Now their Halloween craft is done and ready to scare some crows!

The kids will love playing with their scarecrow craft puppets, and can also “plant” them in their gardens or yards when they take them home.

Happy Harvest,

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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