Handmade Valentines Gifts – Heart-Shaped Friendship Rings

Handmade Valentines Gifts – Heart-Shaped Friendship Rings

My kids love giving gifts. They love seeing the look of joy on the face of a friend or relative when they receive a gift, especially when it’s unexpected. And they really love making homemade gifts. But when it comes to these Valentines friendship rings, my kids have a hard time giving them away. Luckily I resolve that by ensuring that they all make a few rings for each other.

These friendship rings make sweet and unique handmade Valentines gifts. They take some time to make (perfect activity for a rainy or snowy day), but my kids have made it their goal to make one for each child in their classes by Valentine’s Day. Luckily they still have two weeks to go!

You’ll need craft foam cut into heart shapes of various sizes for this kids craft. Older kids can trace and cut the foam themselves, but craft foam is difficult for little ones to work with so you’ll have to pre-cut the hearts for them. (Do this the night before when you’re vegging in front of the TV. Don’t wait till the kids are eager to get started with their Valentines crafts!) You can use card stock or poster board, but these won’t hold up as well (or look quite as cute) as foam.

For each ring you’ll need a two-inch length of pipe cleaner (chenille stem). Push the ends through the heart. (Again, little ones will need help with this step. In fact, you might want to just do it in advance.)

Now it’s time for kiddos to decorate their kids crafts. I recommend gluing another heart on top of the pipe cleaner to cover it. Then they can use buttons, beads, sequins and glitter to decorate the friendship rings however they like. They can even use bits of fabric in different patterns, or make faces using wiggle eyes. The sky’s the limit with these Valentines crafts, which can be personalized for each recipient! When the rings are dry, size the pipe cleaners to their little fingers, twisting to close and then bending back any excess.

These homemade gifts require a little bit of effort on your part as the mom or teacher, but the resulting friendship rings are so worth it. Kids absolutely love making them, and the expressions on the faces of their little friends upon receiving these adorable handmade Valentines gifts are absolutely priceless.

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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