Handmade Christmas Gifts: Christmas Card/Photo Holder

Handmade Christmas Gifts: Christmas Card/Photo Holder

Handmade Christmas Gifts: Christmas Card | Photo Holder

Now that Christmas card preparation is in full swing, it’s high time we started making handmade Christmas gifts as well. This Christmas card holder is the perfect homemade gift because family and friends of all ages will love it. Anyone who has holiday cards, photos, or even artwork to display has use for this easy-to-make Christmas craft for kids.

To make a Christmas tree-shaped card holder, you’ll need a large piece of cardboard or styrofoam, cut into a triangle (Christmas tree) shape, enough green felt or fleece to cover it, ribbon, short straight pins, and sequins. Cut your green fabric slightly larger than the size of your base (cardboard or styrofoam) triangle. Lay the fabric over the base, fold the edges over and glue in place.

The ribbon is what will allow your handmade Christmas gift card holder to hold cards and photos in place. Criss-cross holiday-colored ribbons across your “tree” on the diagonal. Everywhere two pieces of ribbon intersect, place a sequin and then stick a pin through it. Finally, fold the ends of the ribbons over the edges of the “tree” and glue them to the back of the base. That’s all there is to this simple but lovely homemade gift.

If you like, you can add a gold foil star to the top of this Christmas craft for kids. Simply cut it out of double-sided gold foil board and stick it on top with a flourish. You can add a loop of ribbon to the back for hanging the homemade gift, or just stand it up against a wall. Tuck a card or photo with your Christmas wishes into the card holder tree and present it to grandparents, teachers, teens, or pretty much anyone else on your list. Handmade Christmas gifts from the heart are always the most cherished!

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Happy Holidays!


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Ages 8+
Level 2
1.5 hrs
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